O how you smile away
the dreary frowns
that distort my face.

oh how your love shines
like a brilliant light
on the unimportant things I say
the paltry offerings I make
are allowed a place.

How I wish You would stay
beyond a fraction of a moment
in my world
be my companion in all things bright
help me sail through life
like a tiny bird on a raft.

The more I call out to You
the more I care
but there’s no clear path
between the earth and the sky
no bird can fly that far
certainly not one without wings.

O Lord You are the dearest to me
sweeter than any pleasure I know
oh I long for You
more so now
as if every passing year
You are enchanting me.

Perhaps it’s a dream
and I tire of my own delusions
like a man in the dark
looking for a light
You are that light to me, O adorable One

When will You come…
I’m running out of words
running out of expressions
to anoint your holy feet.

A caged canary with one song
in her repertoire
how do I adore
how do I adore
an old song is all there is
to pull at the strings of your most tender heart…

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