I was again selected to be an escort cum guide of Chief Justice of Malaysia.The accompanying Staff was on their toes, in the Hyatt.According to the itenarary,we first paid visit to Raj Ghat to pay Obeisance to After of our Nation..I was treated like a VIP too.The scenario becomes scereen,,opposite of madding Ring Road Rush…we too had to rush to supreme court,lot of checking points,special V.I.p,pass,my high cheek bones,n short stature made me look like Malasian NRI…we entered the chamber of chief justice of India..And Lo! Behold, it was Serious Business,Every Second Counting,nothing like the Bollywood Court scene..keeping protocol, we left ,after Chief justice adjourned The case… He was a Gentleman to the fingertips.. I gave him a silver quoted, green 💚Elaichi,the accompanying staff reacted furiously, as if I was a detective from the enemy camp,unwanted.me 2give him,what I had offered.. Interestingly, My prestigious guest,asked for one more,I was flabbergasted, n The staff cut a Sorry figure….no blame game,part of chankya niti,in his own diplomacy…. I learnt not to be informal with every guest,to make him feel at home in India…Still for me,it was a pleasant episode in my human library.Keep tuned in for more of my journeys as a tour guide.

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