Jai Shri Hari 🙏

“The best things in life happen by chance, totally unplanned”.

It was a sunny usual afternoon which has etched in my mind, my life. Perplexed about something, I went to my friend whom I lovingly call Bubsy. There she was, in her calm and composed attire reading. That was the first time I experienced peace. She was reading ” Om Swami, A fistful of wisdom”. Somewhere within something unseen magnetic force attracted me to read and from there my life completely took a 360-degree turn… His teachings and preachings got inked  in me. I developed this ardous desire to meet him in person. But my commitments, family, kids couldn’t let me visit the ashram. Days and months passed .. I used to talk about him endlessly with bubsy. One fine day, she said  that he’s coming in our city. I was jaw-dropped . Started to dream that I will see him in person. My happiness had no bounds. It was JLF 2020 where he was the invited guest speaker . Wrapping up my household chores, handling over my kids to my parents, I rushed to the venue. Here I would like to express my gratitude towards  myparents who took care of my small kids one of whom was exclusively on my breast feed barely 4months old and another 3 years.

I reached the venue and there he was.on the stage bright and radiant like a sage . I couldn’t see him . His aura, his purity his resonating voice made me feel so enlightened .I remember standing on the ground deeply rooted to the soil. It was a one hour session and my tears didn’t stop even for a second. Hands folded in reverence with misty eyes, I was deep in the ocean of love and serenity.

The session ended. He came on the booth to sign his book. Since the time I’ve known him, I always carry him, be it in my handbag or my bedside as a divine power. I had his book .I stood in the queue waiting for my turn. I wanted to meet him, talk to him ask him if I can meet him in person, coz he was the one, n my ray of hope  for my son.

You all must be wondering, as this blog is progressing ahead a new story  unveils everytime. But it’s the truth. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this . My world of happiness was shaken twice when my elder son developed a high degree of myopia (number-10) and little later seizures.. It left me shattered into bits and pieces. Since then, say it the power of intention, I used to pray that I meet him and he blesses my son.. All this was flashing on front of me when suddenly, a voice said “Ma’am, it’s your turn. Don’t take long “.  And the very next moment, I was there , a few centimetres away from him. He signed up. My voice became feeble, my throat dried up. Very slowly, I said, “Swamiji, I want to meet you in person, please.” I still can’t forget his child like innocent naive expressions when he said “How, here?”. I told him that it was important because my son was sick. There was a big line and it was impossible to have more than a few seconds. I turned around and as I was going away, I hear “Listen, you can mail my team.” I lit up. Like seriously . As if my door of hope opened. But mail … Will they respond.. Which mail id ?? Why on earth will they call me ??? Who am I ??? Questions and questions hammered in my mind… I had a few mail addresses and I texted on each one of them..

I also got the privilege to listen to him in the entrepreneur talk , credits to bubsy .

The same day, I was making my son eat his dinner. It was a Saturday evening, 7:30 ish when I get a call.  By Divine’s grace, I picked up and that was by far the best and the most happiest call of my life. It was honorable Swami Vedanand ji… I couldn’t believe my ears .I hurriedly grabbed a seat. I’d read about him in Guruji’s scriptures so I knew him. My happiness had no bounds.. I couldn’t sleep that night. As the clock ticked, my heartbeats went up . Finally, it was sunrise. Along with my parents and children, I went to seek my divine’s grace blessings. Waiting outside the room , I was numb. With a smile, Swami Vedanand ji (Swamiji’s PA) came and called us…

As the door opened, it was, the feeling is so magical. Bright and effulgent in his divine graceful robe, wearing that divine yet childlike innocent smile he saw me… I was simply astounded. He talked to us, calmly and peacefully, with the highest patience of listening… I was in awe of his divinity .. Surprisingly, my son who usually when meets people is shy was so much free and too excited to see him… Without any reservations or hesitation, he was playing jumping touching, and fiddling with articles and things in the room as if it was his playzone. Guruji blessed him… Gave me those priceless precious medicinal techniques to heal him…. I was bowed down physically and mentally in his esteemed reverence.

The aura, the glow, the power, the vibrations were so so powerful and positive … I wanted to say a lot .. But couldn’t..  It felt that he knew things , despite being unsaid. He knew my feelings, my emotions, my desires and my worries. I simply got filtered or should I say , cleansed by his divine graceful smile and eyes…

So, that is my elixir of love and determination … Yes, the determination that my son’s gonna be absolutely free from these ailments …. I never ever miss the opportunity to thank my dearest Bubsy to introduce me to the divine graceful soul , Swamiji…. Thank you Bubsy.