It’s all started 5 years ago when I was reading a book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. Once I completed the book I was really thinking that is such a character really exists in this very material world. To cut the story short, it was about a successful litigation lawyer who has all the material happiness from millions of dollars in bank account to Ferrari in garage.

But he was always missing something inside, a void. To fill that void or to achieve the higher self or inner peace. He started his journey by leaving all the material belongings to go to Himalayas where he ultimately achieved what he was looking for. It was a beautiful journey about self-realization which made a successful litigation lawyer a mystic, a monk.

I was touched so deeply by the story that every evening after my office I go for a long walk just to think about the Monk’s real existence as it was a fiction story. It was a beautiful winter evening in Doha, Qatar. I was walking along a deserted road quietly thinking about the monk and suddenly I found a beautiful peacock feather from the road. I was surprised because it is a country in the Middle East covered by deserts & sand dunes all around. Few days past I was just checking the news in the internet when I came across an article which reads “The Real Monk Who Sold His Porsche” about OM SWAMI JI. It was a brief story about Om Swami’s journey from a successful entrepreneur to a monk who has renounced everything, his success, his millions of dollars business, his family… everything.  After reading this I was so happy because I found the real monk I am searching for but it’s all ended there & I went into a state of Bardo as mentioned by Om Swamiji in one of his discourses, where nothing happens. It’s a long pause… Only me and my day to day life. No more searching for the Monk until few months ago when I started watching Om Swamiji in his Youtube channel.

I will not say I am changed or my life has changed completely after this. But I will certainly say one thing that I started feeling that the countless questions that are roaming helplessly in my mind from decades are slowly getting answered. I can’t resist myself thinking about Om Swamiji  all the time, I am feeling like I have completely surrendered to him. It’s a beautiful feeling can’t be expressed in words. One beautiful night I saw myself serving divine Om Swamiji as his disciple in dreams. I want this happen again and again. It’s been 5 years & the story continues. I can say it’s long distance relationship.

Pranam Swami Ji.


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