1. God is as real as your faith makes it. And when it’s real for you, you find a permanent source where all of your miseries end. 

2. Eventually, a kind of curiosity, or what we can call a pull arises in you that makes you crave for your natural Calling. You’ll know that it’s your calling because it will always be there. 

3. No amount of material happiness can cover up that void. You start to feel the need of sitting in solitude, concentrating on your object of meditation all day long.

4. When you regularly meditate, you constantly start feeling a teeny tiny sense of bliss somewhere inside your head. Not even inside, it’s more like, that bliss is the base platform on which your material life is staged. 

5. Gradually, you notice the quiet serenity that surrounds you. You realize you were always in bliss, you just didn’t know it until now.

6. Insights that are philosophical and abstract in nature pop up on their own. Questions like, “If God exists then why is there so much injustice” answer themselves.

7. You start getting answers of your own. You develop a good vision for the future. By that I mean you become sharper in predicting the consequences of your action.

8. You’ll notice that if you utter a blessing after taking his name, it bears fruit. Faith might not give you supernatural powers, but it does give you immense internal strength to fight everything that life throws at you.

9. Your mind and heart will settle down in peace for good.

10. If God is real for you, then lucky one, you are taken care of for the rest of your life!

Har har Mahadev ❤