I saw Swamiji for the first time in the Delhi astrology camp. When he called people on stage for volunteering to understand the concepts of astrology better, I quickly jumped to the opportunity and straight away climbed the stairs to the stage.

I heard people calling out to me to take out my shoes before entering the stage, but Swamiji quickly responded and let me in with my shoes on. I was standing just by the side of Swamiji and then he handed me the mic to pass it on.

His fingers touched mine for a brief moment and after a few minutes the session was stopped for a lunch break. I don’t know but when I was standing by the book stall, holding the books in my left hand I could feel my left-hand trembling.

I don’t know why it happened because I hadn’t even picked up any heavy object before. Maybe my left hand was in that trembling state for some time because it had touched Swamiji’s fingers. Perhaps it was his Shakti, or perhaps not.

So that was my first experience. Now the second experience…

When I went to the ashram, and met Swamiji in the group meeting, I looked at his eyes. And they were the most beautiful, most extraordinary eyes I had ever seen. I felt that I have never seen eyes that are so full of love and compassion ever before. They looked like Pundarikaksha or the lotus eyes of Bhagwaan.

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