I was damn scared.

I was counting currency notes using the counting machine. Everything was moving fine. then all of a sudden in a bundle of notes it started taking two notes together and began tearing them. The speed of the machine was so fast that before I could realise what was happening and I could switch off the machine, it had already torn 64 notes of 1000 denomination. Some were shredded so badly that I could not recognise which piece was of which note. All I could see in front of me was an amber-red coloured ocean of bits. My heart sank.

It was a big, rather very big mistake. My boss, my father was definitely going to scold me severely for this mistake. Usually, he would scold me even for making small typing errors of full stop and comma. And, now this is surely a blunder! I meekly got up from my seat and went into his room. I narrated the whole incident and waited to be chastised. But  was surprised when he only said, “Collect all the papers carefully and bring them to me.” He forgave me and didn’t scold me.

I did as told. For the next ten days, he pasted and joined the pieces together just like solving a zigsaw puzzle. He pasted them with such perfection that no one could tell from where that note was torn as not a single joint was visible.

Now, he is no more. But I always wonder why he scolded me so much on pretty things and didn’t scold me for such a big mistake? May be because he was an extraordinary father! 🙂

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