This book is my love. I have read it only once but planning to re-read it again next month. I always loved listening to stories of my Lord and anything that belonged to Him from music to art to movies, I would love it. The only problem was that via cartoon movies, I was getting distorted stories of Shiva. And I personally don’t like reading any scriptures so this book really became a love affair to me. Sadhguru really crafted this book amazingly. He included a lot of stories of various forms of Shiva, stories of Adiyogi to Shiva to Bolenath. The literal meaning of the stories, the meaning behind those stories, and in his own scientific style of speaking, telling the science behind the rituals related to Shiva. If you are a Shiva devotee then do give this book a read. You will enjoy this book a lot.

Shiva’s story of being Adiyogi and transmitting the knowledge to disciples, many centuries back, is beautifully depicted in this book. Sadhguru debunks many myths spread regarding our culture and related to Shiva and Shakti.

The best punch of this book is, “Shiva can only be experienced, never understood !”. Apart from the manifested form of Shiva, Sadhguru tells the Shiva as the nothingness who is the primal energy source behind all the creations. Sadhguru also tells a lot of the formless aspect of Shiva.

“When a Being beyond Time and Space touches you, you also become beyond Time and Space” – the privilege of knowing “The Only Solution Is Dissolution” – Sadhguru.



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