Now, how can I ever forget this gem, just out of nowhere I got my hands on this book from my school library just because of its amazing look, and by the way, it was the first book that I ever read apart from my school textbooks. And I don’t know if I would not have read it back then, I would ever find reading interesting. This is a children’s shelf book, containing our hero a mouse who went on an adventure. And this book is not like those boring-looking books.

Geronimo stilton

It has got plastic papers like magazines and every page is filled with beautiful images. On every page, the text content is no more than 7-8 lines and the font is usually colored in most of the pages depicting the emotions of the storyline. If you ever want your children/ siblings to have the habit of reading then start with Geronimo Stilton. And there are more than 100 books in this series.

The kingdom of fantasy series is a special edition one, which contains around 10 novels in amazing hardcover bound with golden cut-looking pages! In short, your children are going to fall in love with it. For girls maybe a mouse would not be a good hero, so Geronimo’s sister Thea Stilton’s series is also available where the protagonist is a girl mouse. Geronimo’s series is filled with love, friendship, adventure, humor, care, action, comedy, etc.

Love reading it, it’s a fun book, not a serious one!



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