If you want to understand the zen way of living, read this book, and throw away all the zen books out there. Any other book, no matter how great, will talk about philosophies. Will talk about sutras. Will talk about the scriptures. Will talk about the intellectual understanding of Zen, which is in the very essence of zen, one way or the other anti-zen. Zen is completely pure, free from all the Buddhas, all the scriptures, all the theories, all the philosophies. Zen transcends them, zen is beyond them. Even in the true essence of zen writing it in Capital letters “Zen” is not zen because it gets attached to writing God.

My fav books - 6 2

This piece of brilliance from Herman Hesse awarded him the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1946. Siddhartha’s story seems to be a fictional one during his writing, but for the 2 great masters of our time, it holds proof of their truth. In this less than 100 pages masterpiece, the protagonist finds his guru in the form of a river learns about life from it. And both “Osho” and “Sadhguru”, have talked about that the only teacher/ guru, that in their lives was a river where on its banks they spend 100’s of hours in deep bliss and gratitude.

I used to resist reading this book earlier, as I thought earlier who is this German guy and what could he possibly write on Indian culture? But, after 3 years of avoidance, when I saw that from Osho to Swamiji recommending this book, then I can’t resist it anymore and just read it in 2 sittings.

If you only want to read one spiritual book in your life then read this one. This book is of immense value and freely available too as it is in the public library.



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