My school friend pooh, ok Pooja, visited me for the first time. It’s always fun to meet her, but I need to be careful around her, especially about my health. Because if she ever finds me sick, she turns out to be my mother instead of my friend. Ok, that’s her. So as she came for the first time I planned to show her my city Ludhiana in Punjab. So we went to the local café.

As I always have seen in movies or series, people love having that cappuccino. So, it was a kind of small dream of mine to have that as well. So I ordered one cappuccino for myself. My younger sister Liza and Poo were looking at me surprisingly. I was so excited to have that and I was imagining it with a heart on that as I saw on TV. So, while waiting we were busy clicking pictures. So, finally, my dream coffee arrived.

My heart broke when I saw they did not make a heart instead they made a flower. Aah, the heart must be for couples. By the way, I was still happy. I was feeling like a rich person. So finally I tasted that, oh ok don’t judge me but ewww that was bitter. Then Pooh said “Fifi sugar paa.” ( Fifi add some sugar). Oh, Fifi is my nickname given in school. So I added one packet of sugar in that but the taste was the same, then I added another and another, and at the end that was better. But I was unable to enjoy that. You must have heard that the first impression is the last. So this happened with my first cappuccino and I hope last cappuccino. I am a tea lover, but I heard this coffee’s name a lot, so I tried and truly it was just a trial and I left that as it was. My sister and friend Pooh laughed a lot and I too laugh a lot whenever I remember this incident.

So, I am happy with my tea. Happy ending 🙂

Thank You,
Keep Smiling,
Riya Om

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