So you all must know about Asharam Bapuji .
This is about the time when I was around 11 years old .There  was a shivir going on of Asharam bapuji in delhi. My mom’s childhood friend was a devotee of Bapuji and told us to join them in the Shivir and my mom agreed . Next day She and her family came by Tata Safari  to my house to pick us up to attend the shivir . When I reached there I saw thousands of people around ,  no place for parking Bhakts are all around some are coming bare foot to have Bapuji’s dharshan .
So many shops were there selling bapu ji’s products ( books , soaps , dresses, photos ,bags ,many house hold items and much more ) .
The Shivir was for three days on the last day Bapuji gave all the children diksha give us a mantra and told us to japa eleven around of mala every morning and evening with sitting on asana (small blanket) and cover mala with beads bag   . My Mom didn’t take the diksha because she already had a guru “Baba Khetanath” he used to live in her village and was very popular in that particular area .
So after taking diksha from Bapuji me and my sister were following the daily Sadhna routine as told by Bapuji just because my mother was always very strict about our routine and discipline .
As time passed, everything started coming in our house which has Bapuji’s photo. Like note books , pen , soaps , shampoo everything.
Even in school I used to write on notebooks which has Bapuji’s photo whole class got to know that I’m his disciple . If you want to get better picture you can watch Anushka’s life in PK movie. 
Every Sunday we used to visit his ashram and  buy photos of him . My house was full of his photos on every wall even on entrance gate.

So After a few years, when the allegations started against him, of rape, thug, murder etc. Bapuji was on every news channel and his image became so negative . That It became very difficult for me to live, my friends and classmates started making fun of me . ( Ab tu bhi rape karega , murder karega jaisa guru waisa chela .)
One day I came out of school very angry   and started shouting from the main door of the house, I started throwing all his photos out of the house and destroyed all my notebooks which has his picture my anger was so furious that my mom didn’t dare to stop me . And I told my mom from now on nobody will take his name in this house. I thrown out all asana ,mala (beads) everything relate to him . My sister was very happy with my this act . And later thank me that now we don’t have to chant his manta anymore . After that incident even my mom gave up on us and never forced us to do any kind of puja .

But now after I got mature I realized no matter whatever Bapuji’s has done in his life I’m no one to Judge him .

But as I recently read Swamiji’s book it was stated that you can sit on asana (small blanket) and use beads bag (gomukha)Then you chant with the beads inside it, the index finger, however, remains outside the smaller opening of the gomukha.
I came to remember that all these things I used to do in my childhood and maybe that is also a  reason  for my spiritual interest and understanding.