Shri Radhey Shyam to everyone.
Today I requested for membership and by the grace of supreme power I got. Although I want to thank him but suddenly the thing which strikes my mind is that is this thankful emotion is it sufficient. A different kind of uneasiness comes in my mind.

I ask myself what are you doing, doing all these karmas which you know are wrong but still you are doing although I know it’s wrong but still because of practicing this in past years I’m not able to overcome, years I’m so foolish that I’m saying just years don’t how may births I have taken in this world. Beside all these careless activities The supreme power Shree Yugal Sarkar is showering their mercy on me continuously. When I realize that they are loving me although I’m not loving them as much I can, this thought again boosts me up and lifts me up from all these things like Kaam, krodha, lobh. I’m in my path to realize who I’m.
Then by their grace I came across some videos of saints and I feel so blessed that I got to know that yes that’s the real path. When I started my journey maybe 7 years ago I was like having no knowledge about spirituality. I was the boy who sings bhajans, read holy scriptures, listening to some lectures by saints. But I was not understanding them, I was just singing. reading or listening nothing more than that. But suddenly a incident occurred and I was like that’s what I was looking from so many years. Although path of spirituality is one’s own and they have to complete it by themselves. But I felt like when you get the company of someone who already achieved that thing, the path becomes easy. Just like there is a road from the crowdy market, and other one is from outside the market a bypass. Just like this when you get company of somebody you are going through bypass. This bypass in my view is getting updesh from Saints. When Saint comes in anyone’s life they completely changes one’s life.
Before meeting my Gurudev I was listening to so many videos on youtube, back in 2017 I came across video of our vey own Swami Ji, and I was so blessed, I can’t say what Swamiji did. I never met Swami Ji but sill I feel blessed.
Meeting somebody is not everything, following the path they direct to us is very important. Without adding anything to the guideline of Gurudev ine should just followΒ  what he says, trust me trust me trust me that’s everything.
This is my first time when I’m writing something.Β 

Sorry if I hurts someone feelings.

Jai Jai Shree Radhey Shyam
Jai Jai Shree Hari
Namo Parvati Patye Har Har MahadevΒ 

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