I am amazed how time flies. It’s going to be seven years this May since I first visited Hong Kong. It was an amazing experience to land my foot on the foreign soil.

Before this trip I had never seen tall multi storied buildings as buildings in Dehradun are mostly up to five-six stories, but now when I went to Delhi, I saw taller buildings and apartments (I had done no trip before that to any place like that).

So, I was already excited in Delhi and I was having one hell of a time. The excitement was at its peak and the contemplation on what I am soon going to witness, tall skyscrapers, clean city, vast oceans already filled my imagination. I had already made a list of sites I wanted to visit in Hong Kong.

When I was on the plane to Hong Kong, I could see the islands and I was joyous as it was so beautiful. I was ecstatic to see this beautiful city.

So, we reached Hong Kong and went to the amusement parks especially the Disney land which was one unique experience. Disney land feels like a fantasy city in itself. We rode many rides in there and enjoyed our time and when it was time for closing, they ended it with a chain of beautiful firecrackers bursting out over the Disney castle. It was a beautiful sight.

We went to Ocean Park and there I saw sea lions, the docile and beautiful dolphins, and they had an aquarium where there were having hammerhead sharks and various other kind of large fishes. The rides were thrilling especially the roller coaster.

We strolled through the city and there were beautiful skyscrapers, clean and systematic avenues, people who rode on luxury cars like Lamborghini and Limousine and what not.

We also went to the Buddha statue which is the largest open statue of Buddha in the world. Also, we visited the science museum and along with my mother and aunt I visited the Ladies’ market where you can bargain just like in India.

I used to stroll down my uncle’s house when we were not travelling somewhere and I saw children going to tuitions on steamers after locking up their BMX bicycles on the port.

I ate jumbo sized noodles as I was in Hong Kong but my diet was very restricted as there was no vegetarian food available on the food outlets and it got very difficult to find food that I preferred but I could find Pizza and that was a saving grace. We normally ate at home there. Ghar ka khana.

Another problem which I encountered was that I broke my only pair of specs in the midst of while I was there and so had to see the world without them. My eye power was weak but not very weak so I somehow managed.

I used to go shopping alone for daily needs like bread, eggs and milk to the nearest superstore and I used to find shrimps, prawns and lobsters in the fridges there. I had never seen them before so it was new to me.

The parks over there were beautiful and I used to go out there with my sister and cousins. I had a blast of a time there and it was all the better because I had performed well in my board exams. I was on a full-fledged vacation.

I really want to visit more foreign places and I hope I get more chances to do so in the future. Its my dream to work in foreign land. I don’t know if it will be fulfilled or not but I will try.

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