Pranam Swamiji,

Jai Shree Hari!

I first had the divine darshan of Swamiji in January 2020 when I took a course on Vedic astrology in Delhi . His Aura was so profound that it  left me dumbfound . The first impression we get on seeing Swamiji is that he is so charismatic , that you get pulled and attracted like a magnet towards something in him which cannot be described in words . Since  that day I have watched 100’s of Swamiji’s videos starting from 2011 and have bought almost all 17 books except Kundalini and have read at least 11 of them . I was so awestruck by his discourses that I motivated my 80 year old Dad  to read all his books and use Black Lotus app for meditation which my dad has been doing diligently for the past two years.

As far as I am concerned, I  encountered Swamiji’s first miracle in my life when I had a dream on 18 July 2021 during which Swamiji had come to my place and we were having a conversation and I requested him to bless my younger son all of 23 years old who was going through a very difficult emotional phase and that night something very unimaginable had happened but the crux is my younger son was miraculously saved which I believe was because Swamiji had visited me the previous night and his blessings had formed a Suraksha Chakra around him and gave  a new life to my younger one . My deepest gratitude to Swamiji for the same . This was a brief background of my relationship with Swamiji’s discourses , black lotus app and my gradual love and bonding with the Master. Deep down  in my heart, I slowly had this desire to visit Swamiji’s Ashram for his darshan and blessings and seek initiation.

Now fast track to Dec 2021 . My dear friend Veenu di and her husband Mr D.P.Dogra had booked their stay from December 20 th to 22 nd to get their initiation done at Swamiji‘s Ashram . Since I wanted to join them and I tried booking myself but the site said only those who have to be initiated are allowed so I dropped the idea , instead booked my long overdue Shimla holiday but at the last minute , 2-3 days prior to that i.e. on 17th, my partner refused to accompany me which he had done earlier also and I had to cancel the program with a heavy heart. To cut the long story short ,with lots of initial hiccups, I was able to accompany Veenu di and her partner and I finally landed in Ashram as if it was planned by Swamiji himself and he himself was calling me . Though the route to Swamiji’s Ashram  from Solan (when we touch upon the kutcha  road after taking a right turn from the bridge ), was quite scary ( the last 11 kms or so ) but ultimately I was in the presence of divine grace and received blessings from Sri Hari. We were blessed to be able to listen to Swamiji‘s discourse live , though only for one day and don’t have words to describe the peace I experienced sitting in the presence of the beautiful Sri Hari and were lucky to hear Arti sung by Swamiji .  I was longing to have a personal meeting with Swamiji  to seek blessings for my family members , specially my children but couldn’t get one . Instead , I was told to say my prayers to Shree Hari and the same would be conveyed to Swamiji which I did. We were blessed to get a beautiful room which we couldn’t  have dreamt to get  otherwise-a lovely River facing room with all the modern amenities . Gratitude to Swamiji and the Ashram mates who are working tirelessly and selflessly for providing us all the comforts inspite of such difficult terrains and a proximity far away from main town . It was really similar to a five star luxury.  The dining hall , the simple but delicious food arrangements, the hot and cold water supply – I was awestruck by the facilities we were provided. We also made friends with two very beautiful 4 – legged furry babies , who to our surprise were tracked by GPS so they were not lost and could be tracked if ever got lost -such compassion and thoughtfulness towards the furry babies ! Really very humbling indeed! There was a way to go down to  the sacred Giri Ganga river along the banks of which I enjoyed my early morning walks which were so serene , peaceful, with crisp blue skies , beautiful birds and the smiling welcoming sunshine. But all good things have to end , something broke in me and I was feeling really sad on the day we were going back to Delhi . I just pray to get your darshan very soon Swamiji and this time I want to pray for a personal meeting and apply for initiation . Everything happened so quickly  that the visit to Ashram still appears as a dream to me .

One incident I forgot to mention ,on the next day of our stay at the Ashram , we were waiting to collect our signed copies of books specially “The Rainmaker “,suddenly I saw so many people gathered on the right side of the book shop , on enquiring, I came to know that Swamiji would be coming down from his  kutiya for meetings and they were all waiting to catch a glimpse of him , so I was also lucky and waited …not only did I get a glimpse  of Swamiji once but twice , once while  he was coming and secondly while going back ,when Swamiji came out of the meeting room , he blessed us all in his charismatic way  loudly calling out- “Shree Hari Bhagwan ki Jai, Govinda , Govinda , Govinda , Namo Parvati Patey , Har Har Mahadev “, and waved back to us lovingly. It was a sight to behold and cherished . I was so lucky to get that video from one very young disciple Dr Saksham Veer Singh Om, my deepest gratitude to him for sharing the video of the same . Also I was mesmerised by the huge library ,the view from its windows ,the impressive collection of books , wished I had more time to enjoy the library and would have loved my time there with the books . It was a divine experience overall and one which gave me peace and happiness which I would cherish my entire life .

 Thank you 

with Love 

Niru Magotra