Me : I’m angry with you Krishna, I will not talk to you.

Krishna : Hahaha! What happened Mohit?  Why so?  What did I do?

Me : Krishna! You could have made us together but still you didn’t do.

Krishna : Yes, I could do so but I didn’t. 

Me : Can I ask why? 

Krishna : Don’t you think I am God and no-one can ever stop me still I did not marry to my Radhe whom I love from bottom of my heart ?

Me : May be you had seen distant future.

God : Yes, but other thing is, I want to tell humans that everything is not possible that we desire even for God.

We have to do a lot of sacrifices in our lives. The other most important thing is I want to tell humans is that “Love is important, Marriage is not”.

When we love it’s in our hand, only two person involve in this pure activity but when we say marriage, there is so much noise in this world, noise of friends, family, relatives, and society, now it’s not in our hands anymore. 

Me : That’s true Krishna. 

Krishna : Have you seen the power of love? The humans who are always againest Love, still worship me with Radhe not with Rukmani but I never met Radhe after marriage with Rukmani.

Me : Why this society is made like this, why they can’t let two person happy ?

Krishna : No! It’s not true, they all are fighting for their own happiness, desires, success and honour, and when you come in their way, they thrashed you, like you will do at your time.

If you see in short time span, you may perceive Life is not fair, but if could see in long run, you will clearly see, Life is fair, Life is fair for everyone.

You might be sad because you and your love could not be together, but there are people living with no friends, no mother and no father, still living their life.

I have given some unique ability in every humans but it’s all up to them if they could find in it or not, it’s not my part and after all this,

Do you know the beautiful part ? Most of them still curse me for not giving them anything. 

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