Will you be my mother? Doing
Strictly speaking she might not fulfill the parameters of a Guru ,but definitely she is my guide. For whom I will be always grateful for, to God. For privacy reasons I will call her, R. I met her after I got married and shifted to a new place. She was my neighbor. I was young and that time everything in life was me- mine – myself. She was my age but having got married earlier she had 1 son. She taught me selflessness, compassion, gratitude and much more.  Very often I used to find her taking her mom in law for a drive, or making a special dish for her. When I asked  her why – “ she is feeling low today so I thought of cheering her up.” Any guests anytime were always greeted with a smile. Life was tough for her most of the time as she was the youngest daughter in law in an extended family. I would loose my temper and tell her to stop being nice, “People take you for granted”. But instead of getting affected by my negativity she would laugh and say – “Bhagwan ji Kabhi bhi aa sakthe  hai. Always welcome with a smile”. She is a firm follower of Lord Krishna. And everything that happens in her  life – “Bhagwan ji dekh rahe hain. He will help me.” And if things don’t go her way. She will say it was the fault of her karma. In her free time she is teaching English to her helper’s children. It’s not that she doesn’t exhaust. By nightfall, she literally crawls into bed tired, but next, she is back to doing her duties.

From her I learnt to keep faith in times of adversity. Not to fight with God if things don’t go my way. I learnt to be a better human being. I learnt to be graceful in all circumstances. I have  shifted away to another city so don’t get to meet her often. But thank God for phones. However busy she is – she always takes my call even if she can talk only for 5 minutes. And what I like about her is that she is equally happy in a party as she is in  a Satsang. Well dressed- aware of fashion – equally aware that she has to live each moment in being thankful. 

I have yet to come across some who is a perfect blend of spirituality and modern life. And I love the way she says – “Bhagwan ji karegai.”I feel as if Lord Krishna is actually standing there- hearing the faith in her voice.