Graduation is the dream of every student. It is the culmination of 3-5 years of really hard work. Many of us hail from the dust of society; so low that people consider us the scum that afflict the world. It is us, at the bottom of society who welcome animals in our midst, when the middle and high society move into apartments and walled yards, we open our houses and the little spaces we have for goats, cows, bees, dogs, cats and birds. We are not perfect, but we do our best. In a world that belongs to every living being, suddenly everyone is cast outside and the world suddenly belongs to the elites. Where will poor animals go?

I was cast aside like these poor creatures because everything has a price. Your standards, ethics and compassion was bought from high elitist education. Mine had no value? I grew up working my way from ground up in a dingy house, a drunkard dad and a loving mother. God had a soft spot for me, this I know. He knew when to fill my heart with strength and courage to face the tribulations thrown at me. 

Completing my Diploma was not easy, given that we had to attend courses 6 days a week. After completing my Diploma, I felt a sense of pride. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t go for a degree because it was expensive. I couldn’t afford the price of that. I worked for a few years and managed to enroll in the degree programme. Two years of hard work, sleepless nights, hefty assignments and malevolent people. Despite all that I finally obtained my degree with first class. I was over the moon, despite the adverse situations. My finals were no less than a miracle, but that’s for another time. 

Read Part 2 to know what really happened😇.

Photo Credits: Unsplash 

🌸Hari Om🌸