Night of 6th July 2021, Fortis emergency ward, was a dreadful night. A night which I wish could get deleted from our lives.

It is also a night my brother was blessed with a second life. 

That night was the longest night of my life. Those four minutes when the doctors were trying to revive him from a massive cardiac arrest, I was blank, clueless, and nervous to the core. 

The only thing that I could think of was to pray to my guru, Om Swamiji. With a calm mind,  I went to a corner and took a Sankalpa, and returned to my sister-in-law who was crying profusely. I just said that “Swamiji, I want my brother back in a healthy state”. Within a few minutes, the doctors came to take our consent to place the stent, to a heart that had just seen 39 years of earth days. A heart that has been so loving, kind, and generous, and has always taken care of all his near and dear ones. Now it was going through this. I did not question my Guru, but knew that HE had held my hand and would never see tears in my eyes. HE makes sure I am always smiling and comfortable. 

Standing at the Emergency Ward with cold feet, I could only see chaos. But HE was there with me throughout, standing by my side, wiping my tears, giving me inexplicable strength. Nothing could match that energy. I was screaming and repeating what the doctors were asking in the emergency room ward for my brother to the nurses and other junior doctors outside. Every second counted. Especially the few minutes when the doctors revived him were nerve chilling. I was chanting just one name “Om Swami Namo Namah!”, my Guru, my eternal Divine source. Even when the senior doctor was performing angioplasty, I was chanting and playing the Mahamritunjya Japa from the black lotus app. 

Swamiji made sure I got back my smile the very next day. My brother was free from the ventilator and out of ICU in the next 48 hrs or so.

My brother is home now and recovering well.

That night, while taking Sankalp, just one story was revolving in my mind from the book. It is the story of the fire and how Swamiji saved the residents, from The book of faith by Navjot Gautam.  (BOOK OF FAITH)

This is just one incident from my life that happened recently and wanted to share it with everyone, to make people realize that prayers do work. 

This is the day I realized the importance and power of taking a Sankalp with a calm mind.
Check this YouTube video to know the importance of a vow/sankalpa.,

Here- practice of sankalpa

And here

As Sage Patanjali says in his Sutras, 1.2


Yoga Is The Suppression Of The Modifications Of The Mind. ||2||

Only with a calm and focused mind can we achieve our desired goals.

We are really grateful to all those who prayed for the well-being of my brother. I am writing this blog to delete the memory of that chaotic night. I’m still scared to sleep or close my eyes as that scene just replays in my mind.

Ever since Swamiji has accepted me under His Giant Umbrella, every single day has been magical. Sharing helps in reducing our pain and I am grateful to for giving me a platform where I can write. It just clears my psychic imprints.

In the year 2017, I was suggested by Amazon to read the book “Truth be told”.     Not exaggerating, but as I sit in the hospital’s lounge writing this blog, next to me is my sister-in-law, reading this very book. I have gifted this book to all my loved ones. All have read it coz they know HE is very special to me.

By HIS grace, I have many such inspirational stories and would like to write a book compiling each of my life’s incidents. This is one way of giving back to society and telling them that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

  • Adithya’s admission, Mayo college, Oct 2017
  • Newyork, United Nations trip, March 2018
  • Jaipur, magical shifting to a calmer city, April 2018.
  • Kundalini camp, Jan 12th, 2019, He called me for the camp in my dream.
  • Financial Independence 
  • Dr. Mayank, my doc who treated me, whereas close to 100 docs failed. I met him at Kundalini camp.
  • Books, my bestseller story on Rakhi, Aug, 2020.
  • The second and third books just happened with no effort, 2021.

The other day, a community member writes to me that Swamiji listens to me and not him. I told him that for Swamiji everyone is equal, it all depends on how we put our faith and empty ourselves.

After five years of merging back to my source, finally, my father asked about Swamiji and viewed our Ashram on google map. It shocked my father to know that my Guru is 10 months younger than me. LOL

We are not defined by our religion, society, or family, but by our ACTIONS. My life’s purpose is to be truthful and help others to the best of my capacity.

For me, religion is the five Anuvrats and that is what my Guru teaches us:

  • Ahimsa- nonviolence
  • Asteya- nonstealing
  • Aparigraha- non-possession of unnecessary items (declutter)
  • Satya- truthful
  • Brahmacharya- faithful to our partner

Take Away

 सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज |
अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुच: || 66||

Abandon all varieties of dharmas and simply surrender unto me alone.

I shall liberate you from all sinful reactions; do not fear. ||66||

-The Bhagawad Gita, ch 18, v66

I surrender all my actions at the Lotus feet of my GURU…

HE has changed my life in a transformational way. HE is my truth. 

Go find yours…

A proud Family picture
The Whole Universe can fit in HIS Giant Umbrella.