A True story


When I was small ,I did not know who the guru was and what they did . I was a 3 years old child when my mom took me to the SATSANG  where I sat quietly and listened to what they said .I was a child who didn’t know the meaning of god ,  love of god , power of lord .

Day after day I get to know that God  is our saviour , There is no he/ she in it . He is the one who holds everything in their hands and controls the whole world . As I grew up my senses changed , my appearance changed, my height changed , everything in me changed buttt…….. The love for my guru never changed , I always believe in them . God is always with me , My love for them becomes deep as an ocean . Whenever I feel lonely and distracted ,my lord shows me the right path to be successful in life .


Whenever me and my mom go to Gurumaa Ashram we use to do yoga there and there I learn that yoga is very important to make our body fit . Then I joined yoga classes in my school. After very hard practice  of 2 years I took part in a yoga district tournament and I stood first , then state tournament where I got gold medal and a bronze medal for individual  competition . Then a day came where i got the golden opportunity to play Yoga National championship Noida ,Delhi . There we got 3rd position and when I came back we all were very happy. My family was very happy and we enjoyed it a lot . Yoga gives me a new life where everyone knows me due to it .In school everyone appreciates me and encourages me to do hard work .


Those days were very good and now when I look back I get to know how much precious life I spent due to my Guru’s Words .  Then comes Os.me who gives me the opportunity to rebuild my character , to learn ,to write ,to think and to meet such sweet and intelligent people over there . They post and comment on everyone’s posts and appreciate everyone . 

One thing I want to mention is that Swamij does very well. They are feeding everyone and they help everyone to be good and kind . Thank you my lord for giving me such a beautiful platform and to build myself to be the best . I can write a book about how great my lord is .

At last I want to say to everyone that  os.me gives me that , i was searching from many time . I  learn from these members who are working day and night to establish their platform and to provide the best . Deep gratitude to my Guru  for having lighted the flame within me.

  Author – Luv Sarpal 👍