I have had this urge to understand my inner world with utmost precision for a very long time. I was in a state when I was mostly Hurt, Emotional, Unbalanced and drenched with Anger & Ego from top to bottom. I also got diagnosed with certain mental illnesses (that’s a story for another time, haha)

I’ll tell you what helped me. However it may sound to you, honestly it helped me.

If you are going through an emotional roller-coaster or a mental health crisis in your life, feel free to try any or all of these and see the change for yourself. 


My Healing Journey


1. Journalling – I used to journal for hours on stretch, closing my room’s door, sitting straight on my chair table and crying for an hour and when the emotions subsided a bit, I used to start journaling. I used to start with questions like “Why am I hurt?” “Why do I hate him/her?” “Why do I feel so much anger and resentment?” “Why am I such an emotional mess?”. 

Initially the words written were full of resentment for other people and a lot of self-blame, but slowly the heat used to drop down. Telling you the complete truth, the wisdom started flowing on its own by the time it was the second hour of my writing-solitude. I think this is the reason why I feel that writing heals the heart. 

This introspection healed me and gifted me some much needed eye-opening answers.


2. Self-purification Online course – Most of the time it is our big-fat Ego at play. It is ego which gets hurt. Sadhviji Vrinda is amazing and Swamiji sums up the course like cherries on top. If you are financially well, you can think of buying the Self-Purification course online on os.me. It helped me understand my emotions so much better and how to overcome the negative ones, which hinder our growth on the spiritual path.

‘Understanding’ how our mind works definitely paves the way towards self-healing.


3. Nature-time & Prayers – I have been a Nature kid since childhood. If I am not out there with the birds, animals and trees, my day feels incomplete. So whenever my emotional balance used to tip like crazy, I used to just get out of my house, into a quiet, open and natural place, be it a garden or near a river. 

Once a saint told me “The flowing water has the healing powers of taking your pain away with its flow”. Talking and crying out to Mother Nature, asking Her, telling Her aloud about all the feelings and pain I felt, and begging Her to help me and heal me. All of it worked every time. It takes time initially, but Nature definitely listens to all of Her children.


4. Concentrative Meditation –  I have practiced concentrative meditation for a good time now, and I can say this with my own experience that it does irreversible psychic cleansing. It is the process of concentrating on an object of your choice, as Swamiji explains- it can be Breath, Sound, Form, Formless (read His book ‘a million thoughts’ for in-depth description). 

As when my emotional turmoil subsided a bit, I used to sit for a small session of meditation (10-15mins). It was like taking a bath, before getting out there in the confusing world again. Blacklotus app has helped me develop a good habit of doing simple meditation everyday.


5. Good friends and life-coaches – I have been blessed with some angelic friends who were always there to listen to me venting out and holding me when I cried and cried like crazy!

The most amazing blessing came in the form of 2 women life-coaches – Chantal Om and Bohdanna Diduch, these women held me by hand and helped me get up on my feet again. They worked tirelessly with me, taking several sessions a month to help me understand that it is “my mind” and it’s not me. They helped me find my inner strength back. I will remain forever grateful to Bohdanna and Chantal didi for their love, support and coaching.


6. Music – The greatest healer is Music. It is magical how music has this subtle power of softly anointing our open wounds. It can do miracles to the brain if you listen to the right kind of music and try to sing along with it. 

Bhakti or devotion were a far-off thing for an agnostic like me, but slowly gently without me knowing, I became a Bhakta, and music made it possible. Singing and listening to Sufi songs is my routine for most days even now and I feel an intense connection with Bhagwan. It feels like all the sorrow and pain just melts away in this kind of divine love.


7. Grace – Even if I say this over and over again, it wouldn’t be enough to describe how lucky and fortunate we are to be under Swamiji’s umbrella.

He has built this amazing platform os.me to shower His grace upon all the good souls of the world. The remarkable amount of wisdom he has written and gifted us through his books, blogs and Youtube videos, I don’t think there’s anything more in the world that we need to know in terms of true wisdom. It’s all here. 

His grace has transformed me. Picked me up from rock-bottom and gave me strong unbreakable wings. And now I am flying in His boundless sky.

Have Faith in Bhagwan. Trust God with all your being. He never leaves His children alone.


Picture credits – pexel.com