Watching just one episode of the T. V.  serial Mahabharata, and leaving the little Appu behind relaxing in his super duper pose, is helping many healthy hormones to start to  generate some positive vibes. Brain gets a fresh breath of healthy air and depression dissipates, for the time being at least.

Yes, am into an inner  struggle with my old self. Am able to recognise the  source  of my agony, anxiety and suffocation yet unable to plug it. Every now and then, it oozes out…

When today morning I searched for Swamiji’s video for support and answers, the very first answer was – THAT’S WHAT  PRAYERS ARE MEANT FOR……

Its noon now and I get some more mental support by watching the old 1989-90 version of Mahabharat serial, episode 64.

Such great and powerful historic characters like Gangaputra Bhishma,  ever humble Vidur and Mahavir Karna also had many challenges, many struggles and many circumstantial limitations.  None was able to completely lead a life as per their heart’s desires and wishes.  They were good persons but had limited choice when it came to Battle of Kurukshetra – The Mahabharat. They were bound by their individual duties and resolves. Just by knowing, accepting and remembering all the plus points of their characters which were in their favour, could not prove sufficient. All this knowledge about self, all the strong traits of their respective personalities,  nothing could  protect them. Ultimately,  they had to fight the battle from Kaurvas side. Vidur ji, of course, was not a warrior, but he had to remain in Kaurva’s team. All the three knew it well that they were on the side of Adharma, yet were totally helpless. This, indeed, is called slavery of circumstances (परिस्थितियों की गुलामी ). No one can escape this.

We all know the complete stories and the  strong positive sides of these three characters in particular –  Bhishma pitamaha, a strong willed, great self-sacrificer and patriot , Vidur a great learned man of patience, and Karna a great daanvir, who even donated his swarn kavach and kundal to Indra.

A try to understand their characters helps in understanding ourselves.  In every Yuga, since time immemorial, LIFE has been as complicated as it is now. Even when Krishna himself was around, and He was physically approachable, even then everyone around Him had to face their respective set of challenges. Not to forget Draupadi,  तो मैं और आप कौन खेत की मूली हैं भैया जी 😄.

Today I have learnt another important lesson, and the little Appu didn’t disturb me all through 😊.  Now, I,  sincerely am praying to Appu ji to teach me the trick to sit so relaxed, that also on a tiny tree branch, doing all actions so inactfully.  May Divine in Appu’s incarnation help me help myself. What a melodious flute playing…. thank u Appu Raja ❤❤❤❤

There is no ACTION like Prayers. A sincere Prayer can move mountains. Eventually, Prayers yield to more Action.

My actions may be weak and imperfect but its better than being  perfectly  inactive. ( as I read yesterday ).😊😊

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