As the day broke , I got ready to visit to Shri kashi viswanath temple. Amongst the twelve jyotirling it is one. I was very much happy that I am going to have the Darshan finally. I never imagined that one day I will see the temple . I thanked mentally to my shooting people  and I realized that it is a miracle that I am in varanasi.  We parked our auto in the parking area and started walking inside the temple.  As usual I bought all puja samagri for puja and continued walking. The temple was extremely crowded.  I saw the long line of people waiting to have Darshan.  I also realized that due to over crowd and long wait some people are returning without having Darshan.  Suddenly two men and a women came to me from the front line and gave me their puja plate and requested to give it in the shiv Ling  because they wanted to go back . I could not deny them. So i  kept their flower and bel leaves and dakhina.  At around one n half hour finally we came near the garva Griha and I finally had the Darshan.  But one thing I saw that there were very less time to have proper Darshan because of the crowd.  There were huge army and police restrictions.  Before you feel and realize they will push you forward.  You will be helpless.  After that we came and roamed inside the temple.  I had a beautiful Darshan of Maa Annapurna  and the golden Sri Yantra placed in front of Her idol. I chanted Sri sukta. At kashi viswanath temple,  I saw two big statues of Ahalya bhai. Raju bhaiya described her story. So according to him and the popular story , when Muslim king ordred  to destroy the temple,  the pujaris of temple threw the main vigraha in to a well which is inside the temple. Ahalya Bai was the queen of Indore who was a extremely devoted saintly woman who worshipped Lord Shiva and wanted to renovate the temple.  One night Lord Shiva came in her dream and told her to come to kashi and take a holy bath in Ganga.  Then the dream goes like this. After the bath she will show her anchal which is her saree pallu and pray. She did the same and Lord Shiva gave her another shiv Ling.  That shiv Ling is kept in the renovated temple.  This story is believed by the locals. But when I searched the Google, I could not find this story . In the temple premises there is also a mosque which is built by Aurangzeb. The mosque is called Gyanbapi.  There is still case going on in the court as there is also a shiv Ling inside Gyanbapi and the originally it is also mandir and not the mosque. I felt pity after seeing it. I mean how some people tried to ruin our culture and our gods. We never tried to abolish any mosque or church.  I salute Sanatan dharma which believes in VASUDAIVA KUTUMVAKAM… I wish everyone should believe in this. This world will become heaven.

             After seeing almost everything in the temple,  we went to Kal bhairav temple, a fierce form of Lord Shiva.  There is a belief that Kal bhairav protects the city and its people. He eradicates negative energy and blesses his devotee. The pujari blessed me by praying to ward off evil eye and put a black thread on my wrist. We prayed and returned.  On our way back Raju bhaiya also prayed .. and we returned.  So my trip has come to an end. It was  the holiest trip.. every moment of this trip I  put at my Master’s feet. Because of Him I had all these holy Darshan. My infinite salutations and love to my Pujya Guru ji..