This is my brahamastra. This is my anchor. This is the magnifying glass that shows me the details that eyes fail to see. 

This is that oxygen cylinder I keep hanging on my shoulder for regular supply to my otherwise dead breathing.

This is the encyclopedia that soothes my mind’s thinking habit by answering to every query.

Each and every nama, each and every…… comes up for my rescue as per requirement of my system.  When mind starts to find the meaning it wants to accept, is the moment a fresh lease of energy starts circulating along with blood in this otherwise decaying body.

That’s is THE depth of Lalitasahastranama.  That’s the Divine beauty, a beauty rarest of rare….

The deep meaning behind each word of lalitasahastranama , each name in IT  is a key to open specific blockage, or better way is to  say that each nama contains a treasur house in itself.  Reciting that one nama gives me the key to open that particular treasure box and reach the right medicine needed at that specific time for that specific pain.

My journey with Lalitasahastranama is now my strong becon to sail through this life.  Reciting the complete chants from 1 to 1000 doesn’t happen every time. But I always get the right key that works.

I very well know that I am the last person who could properly elaborate upon all that this Sahastranama  contains within itself.  I also know for sure that I can’t help sharing my  bhaavas (feelings).  Everything related to IT  is so powerful that none can stop it. Hence my this blabberings.


Jai Shri Hari.

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