My journey with tratak 2
Today(24-may-2022) is my third day doing Tratak. First day my eyes blink in 2-3 minutes. On day 2 I achieved 7minutes without blinking and today I did it around 15 minutes without blinking.

It pains you only on starting 2-3 minutes and after that you won’t feel any major discomfort.

I will update once I achieve let’s say half or one hour.

Edit:Day 4-> Today in morning session (actually afternoon) I targeted for 16 minutes but was unable to complete. The session was roughly 10 minutes long and I blinked 3 times(worst session till now).

Evening session was great. I achieved 22 minutes without any blinking (confidence restored). I think the less time gap between morning and evening session makes it easy in the evening.

EDIT:DAY 5-> Today in morning session I did it 20 minutes without any blinking.

In Evening session First I did it for 14 minutes 50seconds with one or two blinks I guess.

After few moments I did another session for straight 31 minutes without any single blink. It was hard because of so much pain in eyes(not so much actually).

I have -0.75D power lens but my right eye is little bit more weak than left one. Strange observation is that It causes more pain and tears flow first from it than the left one.

EDIT:Day 6-> First session was of 30 minutes with one blink at around 25th minute, also I have to move my hands little bit because of sweat (as I can’t use the fan)

Second session was of 36 minutes without any blinking.

Eyes are no more a problem from now but as I am increasing time my legs are causing pain(little bit in spine also).

EDIT:Day 7-> Today my eyes cause enormous pain during both the sessions. Also I can’t use the fan which makes it more difficult.

Because of the above two reasons First session lasted only 20 minutes with two blinks and some movements.

Second session was quite better and it was of 31 minutes without any blinking or movements.

EDIT:Day 8-> spend 30 minutes unblinkingly as first session and 21 minutes as second.

Today specially during second session pain in eyes become unbearable so unable to achieve 30 minutes.

EDIT:Day 9-> First session 20 minutes without blinking.

Second session 14.5 minutes with  multiple blinking at one particular moment.

Reason was again enormous pain in eyes, idk why it is happening from last two days. It was not the case before yesterday. 

EDIT: I took a break of two days  because of some personal reasons.

EDIT Day 10-> I did only one session of 15 minutes.