After a long wait of almost 2 years, I was in the ashram once again. This time was very special, as I was to be initiated by Swami Ji.  Becoming the disciple of Om Swami is all I could have asked for. Even after thinking hard, I don’t see any good done by me which is worth this blessing. Then again it is not that I have done any good karma, it is his grace, blessing and kindness.

The day, 21-12-21 I reached the ashram at 11.30 am. After checking in, having lunch and resting for a while after a 16-hour long journey, I went around the ashram and soaked myself in the serenity, bliss and divinity. A lot had changed since my last visit. Beautifully designed gardens, new building blocks, Meditation Hall and hordes of little things talked about the continuous work that happened at the ashram, even when the world was at a halt during the pandemic. Here the cosmic wheel never stops.

Then I got ready and visited the temple. I feel no one can welcome you, the way Shri Hari does. He instantly takes you in his embrace, love and warmth. I stayed there for some time. Since my initiation was scheduled for 6 pm, I thought of going around and finding some flowers to offer at the lotus feet of Swami ji. I was completely dressed in white and was searching for a big white flower as my offering. I went around but could not find any flowers, as winter frost does not support much flowering. I went to Raghu Swami Ji and asked if, I can find a flower somewhere. He instantly went inside his room and got me some yellow and orange Marigolds. I took them and thanked him but I still wanted a white flower. As I was heading back to my room, I saw very tiny white flowers on a creeper. I sheepishly plucked 3-4 flowers, went to my room, picked up one best Marigold and those tiny white ones and wrapped them in a paper napkin and very gently kept them in my jacket pocket. I still desired a big white flower.

I was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 6. It was 5.40. I headed towards the Swami Ji’s meeting room. The bookstore had opened by then.  I had to purchase a few books. I asked Swadha Ji if, the bookstore will be open the next morning as well. She said, “Yes, but if you want the books to be signed by Swami Ji, you have to buy them now, as it was the last day of the event.” Since the store accepted cash only, I rushed back to my room to get it. Hurriedly I came back, took the money out of my pocket, taking care not to crumple my flowers. As I did this, Karuna ji came to me with a big white Gerbera flower in her hand and gave it to me, saying “Offer this at Swami Ji’s feet”. I was totally surprised and beyond ecstatic. I asked her “How do you know I was wanting one.” She smiled and said “All his wish and grace.”

I couldn’t thank her enough. As I was waiting with bated breath outside Swami Ji’s meeting room, I kept looking at that big beautiful white flower smiling in my hand (You normally get to see all shades of red, orange, yellow and pink Gerberas but white is not a common one) and wondered at the mysteries that unfold when Shri Hari’s and Swami Ji’s grace is bestowed upon you. No desire is ever left unfulfilled.

The initiation process was something I cannot even put in words. All I know is that divine has taken me under his umbrella. I have come home. There is nowhere to go.