I feel most of us can relate to the Post Title. The way Collective Consciousness functions is simply beautiful. One may call it synchronicity in Nature because they don’t find the discernible causal connection between the related events. The more aware one becomes, the more clarity their observation finds. I remember one event of my life which is relevant here.

One evening in Manipal I planned to visit a friend’s house. While leaving I kept one copy of Hanumat Kavach with me. At their Home, I felt like giving the Hanumat Kavach to Bhabhi ji. Later I came to know that she was a devotee of Hanumanji. She must have thought that Hanuman ji has sent it for her. In my limited understanding Divinity works through inspiration. So we should strengthen our Intuition by inner purification and awareness by Mindfulness. Then Life becomes an easy Test.

The causal connection in between is none other than Divine itself and we are here to learn.



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