Things good or bad keep happening in our lives and we keep moving on like a new laptop with new RAM and a more powerful hard disk. But the question is what happens to those memories? My life is full of such memories. There have been many good and bad memories that keep coming from time to time. Where they are and under what circumstances do they appear and reappear? Is it something to do with psychology? These unanswered questions took me towards knowing myself better.  But how do I do that? I have always had this opinion that memories eventually die but this has not happened with me. Who is responsible for the unraveling of memories every time you think that you have overpowered them? The main culprit is the mind, I guess. Is there any machine anybody knows about which can erase all kinds of memories that we have and we can start another life with absolute neutrality? is this idea even feasible? I hope I will get some answers to my questions on this unknown unseen path of spirituality.

My journey has started but my mind tells me that I am a different person and every day every moment I have to fight with my inner demon. 

But I will not stop, I shall not let my mind and memories tell me who I am. 


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