Wedding… Culture… Festival… Happiness? Why there is a question mark? I think sometimes raising a question mark is far better than to simply put a full stop.

Let’s talk about a wedding.Is it associated with a culture? is it be celebrated as a festival?Is there any undercurrent of happiness flowing there? Well,you people have a better idea 

As you know Indian weddings are often celebrated in night time.I don’t think it is appropriate to use word performed instead of celebrated.It is a festival for us.Don’t you think so? So it’s quite dark there but I have seen a blue sky and surprisingly it has all its stars,moon and unparalleled Tejas of sun.Cute little princess who wore a lavishing sky-blue dress and her ornaments are like twinkling stars in that blue sky.Her face has that glow, even the full moon is feeling insecured in front of her.Her walk has a royal charm and let’s not talk about her smile.I don’t have enough adjectives to describe that.Literally,the Goddess is in front of me.

But look at my eyes.Though, definitely they are in accordance with my self inner purity but why don’t I have guts to look at my unknown little sister nonchalantly.I want to offer her some sweets as well but what is in me that is stopping me?

Barely,she was in 10th or 10+1 standard but the notion of society terrified me.Oh boys!I am talking about us.The way boys are treating girls.The way boys are making jokes even on their body parts.I don’t want to use word vulgar as it is too diluted for this situation.

Ah! The standards we set.Great boys! Clap for us.I couldn’t look at her because I thought she might try to match my glance with those set standards.I was not properly convinced with the fact that despite of having true glance,I can make her comfortable that I am his brother and I am just looking at my sister.Thanks to the community of boys.Our collective Karma has snitched my Little Princess.

And one more thing..let’s have a relook.What a culture?and after successfully treating them as a object we are truly performing a wedding.No,I’ll not use the word celebrated instead of performing this time.And what about undercurrent of happiness? Obviously you will treat her like a object of your happiness.

Great!Happy Ending! Wedding… Culture… Festival… Happiness?



P.S. This is my first post.All glories to the lotus feet of my Master and my lovely Divine Mother. Extremely sorry for grammatical mistakes.

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