Happy Krishna Janamastami to all lovely os.me readers:)


My Beloved Krishna…

So here comes a day, the day you were born on this earth.. What a time to rejoice, my Lord’s arrival!!!!

The guillotine was hanging already above your neck, even before you were to arrive… When you finally did, series of unfortunate events were to pounce on you, and you My Hero, got them all tasted their own medicine.

How versatile you were, my darling.. There was not a single entity who was not jealous of you…. And you looked, absolutely stunning, and charming, my prince.

And your eternal queen Radha rani, was the most fortunate woman to have had you in her arms and you both together made this world a beautiful place to live and remained as epitome of love and grace, from the time immemorial.

There were many fortunate souls to have been born while you walked this earth. And even fortunate few who could get a glimpse of your true being….

Dharma sanstapanarthaya sambhavaami yuge yuge… You said… And you knew how to break the ego of all those who took to adharma….. How beautifully and tactfully you played your role in Mahabharata war, with your ever enchanting smile, hiding 1000s of meaning beneath…

And finally you gave up your life just by hit of an arrow… If you wished for, it could have been nothing but just a dry blade of grass… But, you remained true to your words and you succumbed.

You gave the message of living life gracefully and leaving foot prints behind for others to cherish even long after one is gone…

My sweetheart you are a beautiful pain, because everytime I take your name, I literally break down to uncontrollable tears and I wish I had you now right here, when you would just look at me and say” Come dear lets go” and I swear I wouldn’t ask where and why, ill drop my gross body quickly and come by….

Love you Krishna and very happy birthday to you:)😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤