I am a summer baby not only because I was born in July but also because I have special place for bright cheerful days washed in golden sun. But if you’re true summer lover, then to cope up you must also have love for things to cool you down in soaring heat like water, ice, showers, ice cream, etc. especially if you are fromย  North Western India.ย 

So as temperatures are going higher, nostalgia took over me and I got lost into an incident from the time when I was a babbling toddler, which has been narrated to me by my family members, I think like more than 10, 000 timesย 

It was a hot summer day and my mumma who always wanted her kids to be spick and span, usually gave me and my sister bath in early mornings, got us dressed and comb our hair and then let us play, roam or do whatever we liked. So on this day also, my mother gave me bath, dressed me in a beautiful white cotton frock, and combed my shoulder length curly hair into two braids, sprinkled some powder on me and lo! I am ready. Wait! Itโ€™s not done yet, everytime my mother got me ready I used to ask her to attach a hankey on my frock with a safety pin and to also put on my slippers with chu-chu sound. Why did I do that? My mother doesn’t know up till today but ofcourse,ย  I know what was on my devil mind. I commanded to add on those accessories because I was brought up at my nani house which was a big family of nearly 10-12 members and everytime anyone steps out of the house, It was my dailyย  ritual to follow them to the gate andย  plead them to give me a tour to the market or anywhere they were going. Otherwise I would cry my lungs out. So in order to not get tricked, I always put my guards on with my slippers and hankey.ย 

I was completely ready, so my mumma asked me to go and play so that she can do some other chores. An hour passed away, when my mother realized that she hadn’t heard from me in a while.ย  She started searching for me in my room, then in other room and the other and gradually every corner of the house was searched. Not just my mumma, but now every member of the house followed,ย  they even searched for me outside the house, in the streets, nearby shops and what not. But where was Meera? Nowhere!ย 

Then suddenly my elder sister who is just two and half years ahead of me in age abruptly opened the door of a bathroom and here is what she saw. I was lying in the bathtub with my frock inflated with water, along with chu chu slippers and my hankey. I was sucking my right thumb, and was taking my afternoon siesta with happy opened eyes, having no idea about the turmoil I have put my family into from last one hour.ย 

I don’t know what happened next but one thing that I am sure of is I was cooling myself out of hot summer day and also the day long exhaustion I got from excessive playing. You can see how hard is the life of a toddler is! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™ƒ

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