Black lotus kindness app changed life of many users and many of their immideate families and acquaintance. An app based on Meditation ( guided/ silent/ inner peace giving) , Chanting different Mantras for x amount of hours/ minutes ,journalising how mindful were we of our breath ,eating ,response in stress and how we start our day and how can we improve our day aswell as giving us ideas on how to smile even at strangers, giving them preference in que or wishing them Good morning lotus  app is an enforcement of all Virtues essential for a life full of gratitude and peace. Now to my 2018 as much as I remember Swamiji launched the new version of black lotus in Radisson hotel Delhis Mindful to mindfull retreat with Swaminar and regular question asking sessions with Swamiji. The questions ranged from asking Swamiji to tell a joke or take our name or even start a matrimonial service! Any ways Black lotus soon became a paid app and with no credit card, debit card ,net banking and personal account each 3 months I requested a co devotee, husband s office staff or some freind to renew the membership for me ,Cash and amount were never a problem for me but how was always an effort! In the mean while black lotus became even more sophisticated and state of art and a co devotee Sarang and my black lotus account s merged in each other( if he paid my account got recharged and when I paid the subscription his account got recharged) ! Both of us wrote atleast 3 mails each to black lotus app and again and again got message ,they ll rectify the issue but never did any change happen ,We both took it as Swamiji s blessings as both of us were stuck ,he was a student and I had no credit card ,so every time last date of Subscription renewal and Swamiji magically recharged it! The last we got an annual membership in March 2021 ,me giving 1900 rs to one of my husband s office staff who has credit card and is very co operating. Now comes the most Magical part..December 2021 and there was a life time black lotus renewal scheme, both Sarang and me never had those resources to even think about it ,so had no dreams or desires for same. Suddenly one day an unexpected message from a regular Black lotus user who kept appreciating each Rak story and who s name equates to Krishna s flute messaged me , would u like a life time membership? I said but I can’t afford it to which he said since he has taken one he has a parallel free gift and he wants to give it to someone who really values and uses it.What a blessing Swamiji gave me and Sarang from next day our Black lotus app showed renewal date 2122 ( 100 years) What else can I pay my gratitude for but when my Rashmi sent me her Pooja s  picture with Jyot having a black lotus blooming that I felt I need to share my Love story with Black lotus app at