I quite liked the idea of creating twelve micro habits for 2023, so here I go for January.

Well, if you read the title well I’ve called this a Macro habit and not Micro coz this is serious stuff! making it MACRO indeed… Why not start with a bang I say.

Ready to sneak a peek into my first transformational habit for 2023? here we go…

Starting this month I’ve started meditating on Lalita Sahasranama everyday, and additionally am spending 15 – 20 minutes each day learning the actual as well as the esoteric meaning of the names.

I just sit in front of my alter and play the Sahasranama while intently listening to each name and maintaining the best focus I’m capable of, while sitting as still as I can. When I watch my mind drift, I pause and lovingly bring it back and if I have any bodyly discomfort I just do a quick Patangasana and get back. 

The entire process takes a little more than half an hour and sometime later the same day I spend 15- 20 minutes to learn a few names and their meaning.

As I keep doing it I feel my posture and focus getting better but that’s not the best part, I feel like I’ve entered a beautiful mysterious maze and little by little the Sahasranamas are reveling an entirely new world to me.

It amazes me at so many levels. Firstly the beauty of our Sanskrit language. The sheer richness of it and how organized and how it almost has a scientific approach to it. The language has such a logical flow yet is dripping with such Godly sweetness.

Secondly, how we go from the gross to the subtle. How every single aspect of existence and beyond is covered and how in the end we realize that everything there is to know and beyond our comprehension is Ma Lalithmbika herself. This knowing brings me a sense of assurance and courage at the same time.

There’s so much more to say, but I’m going to keep some of it private as sometimes there are experiences we don’t yet have words for 🙂

Having said, It’s been some beautiful baby steps so far but with Ma’s and my Guru’s kripa I will continue to walk this journey and dare to attempt getting closer to her a little by little and recognizing her reflection in and around.