I have just realised how relationships work.

 Just now when I sat down to read today’s newspaper Indian Express – 9th May 2022, – a small news caught my attention. On the very first page it said that Russia has bombed a Ukraine school and many are feared dead.

I have not yet read the complete news story on page 12 but my moment of epiphany emerged.

 I have got to understand that India’s stand in Ukraine Russia war is almost sort of neutral. I also understood the reason behind it. So India is taking very calculated steps in a very careful manner. 

My today’s epiphanic evolvement is –

As International relationships work in such a diplomatic manner, so do relationships among common man work.

What we do is, even when we know someone is doing wrong to someone else we keep quiet.

Else, we become diplomatic.

 In our day to day life also if we see someone is doing wrong to someone else still we do not interfere, still we do not break our ties with the person who is doing wrong.

Why,? I wonder!!!

When even International relationships work in such a diplomatic manner, then perhaps this is okay if the common man also works on the same pattern.

Since many days I was carrying a baggage. A senior lady in my society is not being treated well by her son and daughter-in-law.  A jovial soul has turned into a sad, frustrated, depressed one. We all couldn’t do much since she doesn’t have the courage to first stand upfront and let us be by her side.  Despite this, that daughter-in-law enjoys a social circle, I mean she has friends around and is well accepted in society.

All in all, it seems perhaps every so called relationship can work only if we adopt this diplomacy.

Its uncomfortable, its a bit disturbing as well. Yet, my inner fire is NOT strong enough, hence its all tolerable, its all getting digested. I am no Malala material, you see😊.


May the World rest in peace😀😀😀😀 sorry sorry😀


May the World live in peace🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹




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