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Hello family….

Hope you all are doing well….

A big thanks to all of you for loving my last post…… 

I never expected that my last post will get featured. I’m so happy for this.

Well today I’m writing about my Mom’s phobia. 

From title you can guess about what I’m talking…

Yes my mom fears from sleeping alone. Thank God its not permanent…

From the childhood me and my mom slept together, as my father’s job is out of state so me and my mom always stayed together. When I joined my college I got separate room. Although I was in hostel, sadly I’m a college student but I’m at home and I missed so much fun of my hostel life.

When I was a little child, I remember whenever our any close relative passed away, my Mom used to say tonight we’ll stay more aware, she used to tell me go to washroom early and don’t ask for taking you to the bathroom in midnight…

Hahahahaha, funny na. Soul left the body somewhere but my mom has this fear that their soul will come.

Well three days back my father’s Aunt (Mami) passed away.

My Mom visited them in funeral ceremony. When she came back she said “Bahut bura hua, mujhe to unki saari baatein yaad aa rahi. Maine apne hathon se khana khilaya hai unhe, kahi mujhse aaj raat khana mangane na aa jaye and all.”

I laughed and I sad: “Haan Maa Aapke paas aayengi vo khana khane.”

I thought my Maa is kidding. But when I was about to sleep she called me and said “mere sath sone aa jaa darr lag raha”

I did the same, apna boriya bistar uthaya or chala gaya.

And you would not believe nowadays I’m listening Swami Ji’s: “Jeevan Ek Gorakh Dhanda Hai” on audible.

I started the audio and me and my Mom started listening.

You wouldn’t believe in that audio Swami ji said about grief, when we are in grief we don’t listen to anyone’s advice, our mind stops working. That time our mind will not suggest us to read “Mindfull to Mindful”

Then what should we do in such situation?

Swami Ji said about that to:

“One should learn to switch his mode, to divert his mind.”

And Swami Ji also said, “you have to practice this when you are normal not then when you are in sorrow.”

After this my Maa was stable.

But after this next day, she again called me to sleep with her. Swami Ji said you have to learn this when you are normal.

So you think My Mom will be ok today as its third day?

Let me tell you one of our close relative died today morning and he was very close.

I hope Swami Ji’s advice will work and my mom will be fine.

Let me know in comment section if you have such experiences.

Thanks for reading.

Pic Credits: thesleepdoctor.com

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