When Naren(Swami Vivekananda) accepted the Divine Mother he requested Thakur(Ramakrishna Paramhansa) to teach him a song on Mother. 

This is the famous incident when Naren was struggling with severe poverty in his household and asked him to relieve him of that.  Thakur asks Naren to go to Ma Kali and ask himself.  Every time he went there, he just was in joy of seeing the mother, and asked her for wisdom, devotion, but could not ask for worldly things.  This went on three times, and Naren could not ask divine mother for material needs, despite him being in a severe financial stress. Eventually, Thakur assured that the family basic needs will be taken care of.

When Naren asked him, Thakur taught him this song,   Amaar Maa Tvam Hi Taara, and Narendranath sang it throughout the night!

Here is a beautiful rendition of this soulful song (starts at 47 secs), followed by lyrics and translation.

YouTube video

আমার মা ত্বং হি তারা
Amar Maa Tvam hi tara
My Mother, Thou art our sole Redeemer

তুমি ত্রিগুণধরা পরা ৎ পরা
Tumi triguna dhara parat-para
With the Support of the three gunas, Higher than the most high

আমার মা ত্বং হি তারা।
Amar Maa Tvam hi Tara
My Mother, Thou art our sole Redeemer

আমি জানি মা ও দীনদয়াময়ী
Ami jani ma o dina-daya-mayi
Thou art compassionate, I know

তুমি দুর্গমেতে দুঃখহরা,
Tumi Durgamete dukha -hara
Who takes away our bitter grief

তুমি জলে তুমি স্থলে, তুমি আদ্যমূলে গো মা,
Tumi jale Tumi sthale Tumi adya- mule go ma
Thou art in earth, in water, Thou liest at the root of all. You are the original mother

আছ সর্বঘটে অর্ঘ্যপুটে
Acho sarva ghate aksha -pute
Thou hast Thy home; though clothed with form

সাকার আকার নিরাকারা
Sakar akar nirakara
Yet art Thou formless Reality

তুমি সন্ধ্যা তুমি গায়ত্রী, তুমি জগদ্ধাত্রী গো মা
Tumi sandhya Tumi gayatri Tumi jagad-dhatri go ma
Sandhya Prayer art Thou, and Gayatri, Thou dost sustain this universe

অকুলের প্রাণকর্ত্রী
Akulera prana-katri
Mother, the Help art Thou
Of those that have no help but Thee

সদা শিবের মনোহরা
Sada – Shiver manohara
O Eternal Beloved of Siva!

সাকার আকার নিরাকারা
Sakar akar nirakara
Yet art Thou formless Reality

ps: Swami Vivekananda also had some very interesting experiences of Divine Mother Kali.  This video describes those experiences – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2vHXy02jnI