The edge of the night

Where darkness begins

Slowly and steadily

Where light sucumbs

Where only gloominess prevails


My nightmares begins

With slow closing of my eyes,

It approaches me with gentle pace.

I find myself in strange land

Away from my own race.


             I search for a known face

A known voice, a known touch

To give me that amenity

But I find non other than the shadow, the gloom

Approaching me with its evil clutch.


        I look around and find evilness               everywhere

The somber trying to embrace me with its sinful hands.

     Hooligans trying to engulf each and every                             inch of me

When I look for myself, I find only void inside.


     I scream with fear and pain and then I         find myself 

                 In a soft embrace.

I open my eyes to find my grandmother holding me tight.

Telling me it’s okay,it’s just a nightmare and everything is okay.


Monsters, ghosts, goblins

They all were a part of nightmare untill they became a part of my reality too

People say dreams come true.

But they forgot to mention nightmares are dreams too.

And todayI find noone to hold me tight and to tell me everything will be okay.

How can I wake up from this nightmare when it’s an undetachable part of my reality too.



    Thank you everyone for reading my writings with so much patience and writing such positive comments. May god bless you all. Radha krishn bhagwan ki jai.