All Swami ly today i have a set of questions bothering me,if either,one or all of you could suggest me answer to that according to your experience, knowledge, intellect and logic an ignorant would be highly grate ful…

1) Why the clock s hands never clap or even slap? 2 ) Why does eye of Needle neither wink nor blink? 3)Why does head of a coin never think ? 4) Why does nose of aeroplane never get cold? 5) Why does neck of a bottle never turn? 6) Why do teeth of comb never jitter? 7) Why do arms of a chair dont wear armuelets? 8) Why do legs of table not play foot ball? 9) Why ear of corn doesnt hear? 10) Why does a kite have a tail? All these questions neither my teachers nor did my parents could solve…..does either of us have a clue atall? Those who have further such curiosity may add in comments too!

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