Everything in this universe is Divine. Everyone is Divine! Yes, it includes you and me! We’re all embodiments of the Divine’s masculine and feminine energies. Even with all of our impurities and imperfections, all women are Sri Devi, and all men are Hari-Hara. 

That’s the essence of most Vedic scriptures, and that’s the basis of Swami’s teachings. Also, that’s the goal of Swami spending almost a decade training me. To help everyone realize that – We must stop chasing others’ divinities and search within ourselves for that divinity. 

All of my works are geared towards that one objective. As long as Nature keeps me on earth, I’ll keep striving towards that purpose. Sama-Dana-Bheda-Danda, I have decided to apply whatever it takes! That’s the least I can do for the Divine that has showered me with compassion.

As a part of that effort, here’s my humble offering of love to that all-pervasive Divine. It’s a bhajan that reveres the Divine’s Krishna form. I don’t consider myself a singer; still, if you can sense your inner Divine even for a second through my work, then my purpose is accomplished.



Bhajan Lyrics

Pallavi (Starting & Repeating)
Anupama Sundara Nanda Kishora

Vrindavana Ghana Shyam

Murali Madhava Radhe Govinda

Madhusudhana Ghana Shyam

Radhe Krishna Sundara Shyam

Charanam (Stanza)

Vrinda Vihari Mandara Giridhari

Kamala Nayana Bhagavan

Bhakthon Ke Prabhu Hridayeshvara Hari

Natavara Sundara Shyam

Radhe Krishna Sundara Shyam


Bhajan Meaning

Pallavi (Starting & Repeating)
The one of peerless beauty,

The son of Nanda,

The resident of Vrindavan (the tulsi garden),

The one of dark cloud-like complexion,

The Madhava who plays the flute,

The Govinda who is Radha’s beloved,

The Ghana Shyama who slew the Madhu Asura,

Radha’s Krishna, the beautiful Shyam.

Charanam (Stanza)

The one who plays with Vrinda (Radha),

The one who bore the Mandara Mountain,

The lotus-eyed Divine,

The Lord of his devotees,

The Hari who is the ruler of hearts,

The beautiful Shyam who is the best of dancers,

Radha’s Krishna, the beautiful Shyam.


Bhajan Video

YouTube video



  • Video Graphics: Rishi Sridhar
  • This is a modified version of a bhajan I first heard in a Sathya Sai Bhajan group.