Jai Shri Hari!

Jai Shri Radhey!

I hope you all are doing great. So today is the last day of our last #TheWriteChoice contest for this year and today was my second last exam. I thought that I’ll not be able to write all posts today but Mother Divine helped me to complete this commitment. I was thinking about what to write. I decided during my exam that I’ll write on Meera Bai Ji but when I’m writing now I’m writing on a completely different topic.

So it was back in 2019 when a video of swami ji was in my YouTube suggestions. And you would not believe that I was in tears when I explored about him and watched his darshana video. But as we know there is a specific time for everything. I was aware of Swami Ji but at that time I was not in love with him. Life was going fine and in 2020 by grace of Maa I met my Guru and everything was beautiful. After meeting my Guru a different kind of feeling starting rising in my heart. Whenever I read about some bhakta or saint, I started imagining how I’ll meet them. If I read about Meera Ji then I start imagining what if I was born at that time. Sometimes I wish for a time machine so that I could go back in the time and have the darshana of beautiful Saints. It’s not like that I wish to meet saints who were in the past. If I see some living divine personalities and if I feel something for them, then I pray to the Divine to bless me so that I can meet them. 

Same feelings I got for Swami Ji. It was back in November 2020, I suggested Swami Ji’s video to my sister who lives in Solan. We watched Devi Dhyana video 15 minutes meditation video together, what next? We both were in tears. My sister said that she wants to meet Swami Ji, but till today she hasn’t had Swami Ji’s darshans, but as I said, there is a specific time for everything. While I was showing this video to my sister my Jiju came and said: “Arre inki photo or thoughts to Chander Sir share karte rehte”. I was unaware of Chander Sir at that time.

In January 2021 I was blessed by Mother Divine and she gave me this beautiful family—os.me. From my first day on os.me, I never felt anything odd. After this I started writing and I also joined beautiful telegram group of Swami Ji handled by Chander Ji. I remember I called Chander Sir one day and we were generally talking and I came to know that he teaches in Shoolini University. Instantly I told him about Jiju who teaches in the same university and I was like: “Duniya kitni gol hai”. Truth to be told it was all the divine’s plan.

Since we are now at the end of this year 2021, I thank all of you and I offer my humble obeisance in the lotus feet of Divine. I have seen so many changes in me after joining this beautiful family, and I wish for more beautiful changes. I haven’t had Swami Ji’s darshana in this life from these open eyes but the divine is planning a plan for me to visit ashram soon and I’m way too excited…..

So I completed my 5 days #TheWriteChoice commitment. Since I considered this a Sadhana, so I fed the street dogs today… I don’t know what to donate and where, so I did this. So now after writing this post I’m going to start my preparation for the next exam. 

So let’s complete this with a chant:

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते ।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥

Hari Om Tat Shat!

Hari Om Tat Shat!

Hari Om Tat Shat!

Jai Shri Hari! os.me family…

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