Hello everyone

Today I am going to tell you about my hobby of painting. I love to draw and paint.

I knew many people colour so I thought I should also make drawings and color.

One of my cousin is a very talented artist and I used to see his paintings and realised that I should draw and paint.

There are also paintings in my house which are made of threads. That I like and would like to try someday.

I learnt many things to draw, like a Santa gift with bow, few fruits, a tree, a house, flowers, clouds, sun, grass, shapes, even people. But I do not draw good people. When I grow up I will learn.

But some people in my family love my drawings and coloring too, like my Nana and Nani.

I started to color with crayons then pencil colors, now I can also use water colors.

My drawing teacher also taught me many things, like patterns and few shapes.

I have not learnt to make a good car yet.

Once I also drew Lord Shiva. It was not that good but mommy loved it. Then I drew lord Rama, where mummy helped me in coloring but the whole drawing was made by me as it was all shape.

I also made a lord Ganesha card for my Mama on his birthday.

My mother also paints sometimes but doesn’t allow me to paint like her. 

I also play drawing challenges with her. 

I also love coloring Mandala Art book, which was gifted by mommy. In this art book there are so many drawings which I have to color carefully. This is my favourite coloring book.

When I grow up I want to be an artist.

Few paintings of mine are here: Do tell me did you like them?

My paintings 2

My paintings 3

My paintings 4

My paintings 5

My paintings 6 Lord Ganesha
Ishanvi 1
My paintings 7 Lord Shiva
Ishanvi 2

Abhi Bye Bye

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