Oh God, such is the way of life,

I have to lead two parallel lives,

The worldly one, the one full of strife,

And the one at your feet, where I come alive.

Oh, holy, gracious one,

Bestower of peace, keeper of my soul,

Your eyes, dark and piercing,

Yet, full of compassion, they keep me yearning.

You keep, my cup always full,

In amazement, I ponder in the lull.

What did I do to receive this grace,

To meet you after lifetimes spent away from your face,

Lost in the worldly maze,

I finally found rest and cleared the haze.

You alone giveth,

You alone are strength.

Knowing you is my biggest blessing,

Being beside you is a prayer of lifetimes spent seeking.

Holy are you, holier your voice, that’s ringing,

Brings peace and joy, to all those who your glories are singing.

Oh bhagwan, oh my dearest bhagwan,

A lil promise shall you keep,

Keep me close to your lotus feet,

And I shall like a lil baby sleep,

Singing your Arti like a lullaby sweet,

May I open my eyes and your charan may I always greet,

No prize, in the world, is bigger than being a tiny part of your fleet,

Your feet, may I always greet,

Singing the arti as a lullaby sweet ❤️

Everything I write is deeply inspired by the one and only, Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji and is an offering to Om Swami Ji.