I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Papa used to be away for work but whenever he used to come, we used to witness fights and quarrels in our home. And to add to that I was the one who got grinded in those fights.

I would be the mediator and the message conveyer. The ambience of my home at those times became really toxic. I was a sensitive kid. It took a toll on me and I formed certain bad impressions about my father.

And the equation between them never changed for the last twenty years. But due to me and my deteriorating mental state and the problems our family members were facing, we got spiritually closer to each other. We finally understood the meaning of “unity is strength.”

Now mummy tells me that the faults were from both sides. Even she was wrong and naïve in the marriage. And I believe papa would feel the same.

So, I know that if things between my parents can get alright anything can. Problems may be from both sides. And if two people are struggling to save a relationship, they should be willing to look at their own lacking also and work on it for the sake of the other.