I light a small lamp and whisper a simple prayer. You light up my entire being and shower me with love and care.

I am Your little ignorant child, unaware of any scriptures or hymns.Yet such is Your eternal beauty when I think of You, my heart begins to sing a few lines.

I close my eyes and see You smiling – a smile brighter than thousand suns shining. As You rejoice in watching Your creations fall and rise, a playful twinkle ripples through Your eyes. The soft affectionate glow of Your eyes makes me warm inside. I keep drowning deeper and deeper in the darkness of the eyeballs where infinite universes reside.

No longer than a few moments can I bear the daze, therefore quickly to Your Feet I shift my gaze. Ah, the perfection in those toes, the curve of the ankles, the golden hue of Your skin! My heart yearns to touch them, to lean my head against them and sleep.

My hands are crude, Your Feet so delicate…will You allow me to press them for a few moments? Their beauty needs no ornament, yet Maa for Your child’s delight, will You let me adorn them with a glittering red nail paint?

Your approving nod of the head and the loving caress on my forehead fills me with rapture. With a childish delight, I gently start embellishing Your feet so tender. At the slightest touch of my fingers, Your anklets tinkle in harmony, producing a music sweeter than the sweetest symphony.

The radiance of Your Feet, the heady fragrance, the enchanting music…oh my fragile being can’t take it anymore. I look up again to behold Your playful smile and elegant demeanor.

The frills of hair on Your charming round face entwine to form a hypnotic maze. In the mild breeze, they dance merrily like slender tendrils in a sweet craze. In Your long, dark, beautiful tresses adorned by galaxies of moons and stars… May I add a little red flower carefully parting Your dense wavy hair?

But I am so small, You bigger than the Universe… I don’t even reach higher than Your toes. Desperate, I lift my heels and raise my hands with wide open fingers. Swiftly, You pick me up to the space above Your head making me witness celestial wonders.

Tucking the flower behind Your ears, gleefully I giggle. Basking in Your arms, intoxicated in bliss, I go on kissing Your pink chubby cheeks. Feeling softer than the freshest churned butter, they tinge my lips a blushing rose in colour.

For a Mother, what else could be of greater delight than Her child’s love and joy. You hold me tight while Your gurgling laughter traverses worlds reverberating through the skies. In that moment of extraordinary peace, I forget all ties. Snuggling up in Your lap, I gently close my eyes.