My pen is my most trusted friend.
I share all my joys, sorrows and pains with “him”.
“He” then successfully, beautifully transforms them into write-ups and poems.

For most of the time, my pen obeys me, do my bidding.
But sometimes my pen behaves in a rather quirky manner.

He just refuses my subjugation.
He wants to have it’s own way.

Notwithstanding my strong resistance, my क़लम (pen) has now decided to explore me.
He wants to portray me.

Well, he has promised to depict me accurately through his maiden composition.

My pen has written the following composition, exclusively for me.

I want to share it with my dear friends. Hope you all would like it.

All those abused, kept aloof and apart,
These very people form the core of your heart.

They break or play with your heart, you never whine,
Embracing your tormentors is an old habit of thine.

When some intrepid, naive sparks try to rise high,
You apprise them of the gales, hiding nearby.

Quietly you listen to the counsels, given all the time,
Invariably you do whatever your heart considers fine.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~


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