For all the wrongs I have done Swami Ji,
I seek penance and ask for your retribution.
The fickle mind which traverses the untrodden path,
Knowing too well, what it seeks will never last.
Can I redeem myself from all this inimical acts,
Reveal me, O Swami Ji, the righteous path to glory.
Was it my destiny to repent in dark,
Give me the strength to seek your light & pray from my heart.
Relieve me O Swami Ji from this burden of debt,
I kneel before you, my entity to forsake.
A humble start to right all the wrongs,
Give me the strength to carry on this crusade.
Heaven will not know, nor hell asketh more,
Forever I shall travel and make every act a milestone.
Watch over me, Swami Ji ,Do not let me falter,
In this cryptic journey, let me decipher.
My gratitude shall always find your feet,
Can I, Swami Ji, Look into my eyes and sleep???.