A little piece of heaven sent from above — this is the feeling they have when a child is born. Likewise, my parents were overjoyed when I was born! Parents, grandparents, uncles… The list goes on and on.

Times passed, and my kindergarten started. Since I was the first child in the family, there was a lot of fun and excitement around my upbringing. I was around 4 when my maternal grandparents, my maternal uncle, my mother and I went for a trip to Ajmer.

Nobody knew how it was going to unfold.

I don’t have an exact memory of the day but certain things are inked on your mind. I remember it was dawn, I was ready in my pink frill frock, white socks and ballerinas, all ready to go! Everyone was super-excited and eagerly waiting to reach Pushkar.

My mamaji (maternal uncle ) was driving the car. It was a cherry red Omni van, very popular in the 90s. I was in the backseat with my nani (grandma) and mummy.

Suddenly, I don’t know what happened, and I found myself in the front seat in my nanasaheb’s (maternal grandpa) lap.

And, BANG!

In a second, maybe I’m exaggerating, perhaps in a fraction of a second, a merry trip turned into a calamity! Our car rammed into a stationary truck.

It was a massive hit.

The windscreen shattered into pieces and pierced my face. Both my legs rammed into the iron rod jutting out of the truck, and got stuck. I remember screaming and trying to pull my left leg out… My grandpa tried to pull it out. Suddenly, with a jerk, it came out. I fell unconscious. I don’t remember what happened next.

My eyes opened in the hospital where my leg was plastered and elevated at an angle of 45degrees. I went through a major surgery which lasted for
6-8hours. When going in for the operation, the plastic surgeon said that they might have to I might have to amputate my left leg because it was severely injured.

There were some 50-60 stitches on my face.

The operation was successful. I was admitted in the hospital for 6months. My mother toiled hard with me. She would keep all the windows covered so that I wouldn’t see kids playing outside lest I should ask to play, too.

Though discharged later, I left with the hospital with a big permanent scar on my left leg. I don’t remember how I felt that time, but it must have shaken and shattered my parents.

There was no layer of skin left there. Or let me put it in a comprehensive way: My skin has lost its regenerative potential in the left leg, implying that if there is any form of skin abrasion or loss, I’ve to get a plastic surgery done.

So yes, it was another birth of me, a birth given to me by the kind medical fraternity and God almighty! I haven’t worn any knee-length or short dresses since then… It wasn’t a good feeling, especially when you’re a teen.

My parents, however, left no stone unturned to make me what I am today. They camouflaged this thing with so much love and grace that I never looked back.

Looking back,I feel blessed and grateful for everything — those pains, that turmoil — that made me a person who I am today… Yes, I am a happy, content, successful mother of two, and a Paediatric Dental Surgeon now by Divine grace.

Life is beautiful, yes with ups and downs. However, it’s full of miracles, too.

I had started to stammer because of a lack of confidence as I grew up seeing my leg. My parents — my living Gods — trained me, boosted my confidence. And I became the best orator of my alma mater.

My gait had changed. I couldn’t walk straight. However, the patience and perseverance of my parents helped me cross that obstacle, too.

I’ve learnt that life always gives you a chance!

Rebound and get going.

Praise the Lord

Thank You

Jai Shri Hari