Being that I’m just shy of a year with meditation and my knowledge of spiritual progression isn’t quite at it’s peak, I would like to breakdown my practice to the lot of you. A year ago when I first committed to meditation, I was an extremely impure body and mind. To pull myself out of the rut, I forced myself to sit down (bought a meditation cushion) and observe my breath for as long as I could (Being only about two or three minutes at the beginning). I started studying Zen Buddhism, Goenka (body scanning) and only after then is when I came across someones book who had the same ideal, same goal in mind. To be one, witness the Creator. Om Swami. A lot of Buddhist texts threw me through a loop with the simplicity of their word play, but finally I was beginning to understand from reading Saravanada’s books. Anywho, I am presently meditating for a total of twenty minutes focusing on my breath and ten minutes of concentrating on a candle lit in front of me (concentrative practice). 
I would appreciate any advice or suggestions (getting premium when check comes in:)). I dabbled for a little with the body scanning (Goenka I believe is the name) but haven’t been due to me trying to keep it simple. So sorry for the lengthy essay, thank you all for listening and your help. Love you all, fam!

Edit. I feel I have to mention that I put a lot of energy into keeping my posture erect while meditating. Hearing that correct posture allows your body structure to rest naturally with the least amount of strain or pain (I have a slipped disc on the lower part of my spine, so, also trying to stretch that back into place). I can’t sit in the lotus position, therefore I’m sitting cross-legged. Any thoughts on posture?