Dear Om Swamiji,

                    How are you? I am fine. I hope you are also fine. Here, winter has arrived but not as harsh as in your place. I would like to share a small story or incident that actually took place with me. It is actually a short story but totally cut me off from social media.

                           The incident took place this year around May  2021. Initially i was connected to all the social media. I was challenged by a hacker in Linked-in . I actually took it casually. I never thought of taking it seriously. The hacker showed me the days and no. of attempts to hack my account. I still took it casually . Finally , attempt was made from other side and my linked-in account was hacked. Moreover, Hacker also get access to other account. Slowly, gained access to all account except Osme. I changed my password and put a strong password. But next day, it seemed that my account was easy accessible. I changed my password around six or seven times. But it had not effect. Finally i had to close all my social media account except Osme. It was really strange that my Osme password remain protected. It didn’t get hacked not even single time. Now currently all my social media account has been closed forcefully because of which i am totally cut-off from social-media. I never faced such a situation. I didn’t understand the motive of the hacker. It seem that hacker must be child who was just playing game with me because we were stranger to each other and moreover i didn’t understand the reason behind it. I really thankfull that this account is still active because of which i am still connected to virtual world.

          I also thankful to all the people of osme , currently active or inactive. It is impossible for everybody to be active in this platform at the same time. But it is really a great platform for the all the people of world to share their feeling or talent or message or learning etc. Before ending my letter, i once again thank to all of you.

With regards,