I collect all the plastic bags that come from the day-to-day shopping etc. and return them to the nearby grocery store.

        I collect the kitchen waste, especially fruits, and vegetable peels, and dump it in my very small garden. Actually, most of my flower pots are filled with kitchen waste on their base covered by a layer of soil on their top level one month before planting so that they can decompose themselves making the soil more fertile. Sometimes I manage it sometimes I miss it, but I am content with whatever I can manage.

     I try to decrease the use of harsh detergents and cleaners in a healthy way.

      We decided to purchase a second-hand bicycle for our teenage son and our daughter supported the idea of reusing an old bicycle. It was easy on our pocket and our children were inspired.

      Feeding the birds sometimes( inspired by the black lotus app), as they recognize you and come hopping behind you rotating their head in different directions instead of getting scared and flying away from you as soon as you climb the rooftop with your bag of grains.

      I have also kept a small plastic water pot suitable for the birds so that they can drink water, as the clay pot would dry up very soon in the summer season.

      I like to be well dressed but still, I try to decrease my shopping list in whatever way I can.

      Whenever I chant Lalita Sahastranama I feel that she is mother nature herself and it is my tiny way of loving her.